Guide the future generations to be good citizens and make a better world.




We provide holistic and quality education from an international perspective for students to become responsible individuals.




Integrity: We promote fairness and honesty in all our endeavours. Integrity underpins our every action.

Respect: Respect is our core commitment. We are respectful towards all and we lead with kindness and regard.

In pursuit of Excellence, we strive to do our best using critical thinking and innovation to make strides in our chosen path.

Our strength is our Diversity. We learn from our differences, adapt and become resilient individuals. Equality and Equity guides us always.



  • To establish and maintain our reputation for academic excellence by offering a rigorous and balanced international curriculum.

  • To enable our students to become confident, self-disciplined, compassionate and lifelong learners.

  • To encourage leadership abilities in our students in a friendly and caring environment.

  • To help our students to develop a strong sense of respect and social responsibility to create a better world.





Academic curriculum. Our school follows the Cambridge Curriculum which is renowned for its broad and balanced approach to foster students’ development.

Sports and Extra Curricular. We recognise and value the role of sports and a healthy life style.  We believe that participation in sports and extra-curricular activities is an integral part of a student’s educational experience therefore we provide diverse opportunities for all. The offered activities range from football, tennis, basketballand taking full advantage of Dodoma’s geographical features.

Our students are also offered the chance for a holistic education through activities after school hours. We are now developing the extra curriculum programme which will be published in due course.

Music, drama and dance play a special part in our students’ lives, bringing opportunity, awe and joy to everyone. Music is taught by our teachers as a compulsory subject to all students from foundation stage to Year 8.

Students are offered many other learning opportunities through their participation in educational trips in Tanzania.

Additionally, students will have the chance to practise expressing themselves more effectively through guided public speaking clubs.

Last but not least, we believe that languages help equip our students with the ability to communicate effectively and to increase their chance to integrate into the global economy. For our students, Swahili will be compulsory and other languages will be included.


Student Services team is committed to providing students with a holistic learning experience that ensure their physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs are met by delivering individual support services to those who require specialist expertise, assessment and intervention to overcome barriers to learning.



One Planet School Dodoma is in the process of applying to become a certified Cambridge international school.


One Planet School Dodoma is based at the University of Dodoma’s (UDOM) campus, near the College of Education. The premises consist of three connected buildings which house spacious and well-equipped classrooms and the Management Office.

Foundation Stage is designed with the under-fives in mind. Spaces include classrooms with play areas, art areas and quiet spots for reading. These link together and open onto a shaded playground and extend to a green outdoor space dedicated only for kindergarten which encourage play and creativity.

Primary Section classrooms are set up in a modern way that encourages child centered learning and teamworking.

Secondary and A level classes are allocated in a separate building to offer the necessary quietness for high level productivity. Furthermore it will be equipped with a science lab and distributed library per faculty.

Sport facilities include a basketball/tennis court, a football field and a spacious green area for our students. The Olympic grade swimming pool of UDOM has been made available to our students to develop and challenge their swimming skills.

Music and Arts activities are offered both in classrooms and outdoor.

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