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One Planet School Dodoma

An environment for holistic and quality education from an international perspective



Thank you for considering One Planet School Dodoma as one of your options for your child’s schooling. Please read through the following information carefully before you proceed.

The academic year begins in early September. We will start accepting applications as early as one year before your planned date of entry. 


The registration package should include:

  • A registration form (see FORMS below). Kindly fill in all the required information.  One registration form is required for each child in case you plan to enroll more than one child.

  • Recent school reports as applicable

  • Copy of birth certificate and passport (if available).

  • Evidence that you have paid the registration fee.

All applications for entry to the School must be accompanied by payment of the non-refundable Registration Fee which is US$450 and should be paid in CASH or BANK TRANSFER to One Planet School Dodoma. Our bank details can be found in the registration form. An application form without payment of the application fee will not be considered.

Once an application is received:

1. The Admissions Office will establish if the School has a place available to the applicant;

2. The Admissions Office will review the applicant’s reports and documentation;

3. A placement evaluation for eligible candidates is conducted by the Principal;

4. The Admissions Office communicates with parents the applicant’s status.


To preserve the integrity of our admissions policy, we cannot respond to pressure or representation.  Cases will be fairly and compassionately considered on their merits.  We can assure you that One Planet School Dodoma will do its best for each and every applicant for admission.

If your child is accepted into One Planet School Dodoma, you will receive a formal letter of acceptance from the Admissions Office with information pertinent to the section of the School. Each year a few students are accepted on conditional status. The School’s expectations of students of conditional status are clearly stated in writing upon admission.

Date of Entry

Entry is at the start of the School year in September. Vacancies are sometimes available at other time during the school year and some flexibility may be considered.

Year Group Placement

On admission, all students will be assigned to a class group according to age. The cut off date is 31 August. Additionally, the school may consider assigning your child into another age group taking into account his previous records, measured aptitudes and achievements, physical and emotional maturity and other pertinent considerations including performance in the placement tests.


Kindly contact the Administrative Office for the latest Fee Schedules.


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