Our Curriculum

"Children learn best when they see for themselves the inter-connectedness between subject matters and their world, not through isolated bits of information.  You are probably familiar with the age-old student question “When are we ever going to have to know this?!?” Our students understand how everything they learn is a part of the bigger picture, and they have a greater appreciation for each subject. Think of it as the difference between eating a delicious slice of cake as opposed to eating each ingredient separately".
Cambridge School

Academic curriculum. Our school follows the Cambridge Curriculum which is renowned for its approach to foster students’ development. we believe that languages help equip our students with the ability to communicate effectively and to increase their chance to integrate into the global economy. For our students, Swahili will be compulsory and other languages will be included

Sports and Extra Curricular. We recognise and value the role of sports and a healthy life style.  We believe that participation in sports and extra-curricular activities is an integral part of a student’s educational experience therefore we provide diverse opportunities for all. The offered activities range from football, basketball and other sports taking full advantage of Dodoma’s geographical features. Our students are also offered the chance for a holistic education through activities after school hours. We are now developing the extra curriculum programme which will be published in due course.

Music, drama and dance play a special part in our students’ lives, bringing opportunity, awe and joy to everyone. Music is taught by our teachers as a compulsory subject to all students from foundation stage to Year 8. Students are offered many other learning opportunities through their participation in educational trips in Tanzania. Additionally, students will have the chance to practise expressing themselves more effectively through guided public speaking clubs.

Our Student Service Team are committed to providing students with a holistic learning experience that ensure their physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs are met by delivering individual support services to those who require specialist expertise, assessment and intervention to overcome barriers to learning.

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