Dear Parents,


We are proud to be the first and the only Cambridge International School and Exams Center in Dodoma, Tanzania and would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to parents/guardians for your continued support and to our teachers and dearest students for their countless efforts to make the school an environment where every child can develop to his/her full potential. We aim to create an inclusive environment where every child can access regardless of her ability and background and trust that as a team we will make greater successes in our educational endeavor. 


Please share our excitement to welcome our new international teachers who bring to One Planet School Dodoma a rich diversity of skills and teaching expertise. You will find more information about them here. Welcome to our new students and their families to One Planet School Community. 

The school has adopted the world wide renown Cambridge International Education (CIE)’s syllabus all the way from kindergarten to A level. Cambridge Pathway students have the chance to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to achieve at school, university and beyond, and they can be confident that their qualifications will be understood and valued throughout their education and career, in their home country and internationally. In addition to guiding students on their academic journey, our well qualified staff will also train them in music, arts and a wide range of sporting and recreational activities.  We are exploring to do the NECTA exams if the student chooses to do so.

Upon their graduation, our students enter a very competitive world where they need all their academic ability, strong character and personal skills to be happy and successful. Our students are therefore encouraged to develop confidence, self-assurance and self-discipline. They learn to work hard, work independently and to appreciate success. Each child is different at various stage of their development. As such, we offer them a personalised yet challenging curriculum, other additional opportunities that are exciting and purposeful and an environment that is both rigorous and nurturing.

We are proud of understanding each child and working with them individually to realise their holistic potential, in classrooms, on performance stage or on the playing field.



Vision. Guide the future generations to be good citizens and make a better World.


Mission. We provide holistic and quality education from an international perspective for students to become responsible individuals.



  • Integrity underpins our every action. We promote fairness and honesty in all our endeavours.

  • Respect is our core commitment. We are respectful towards all and we lead with kindness and regard.

  • In pursuit of Excellence, we strive to do our best using critical thinking and innovation to make strides in our chosen path.

  • Our strength is our Diversity. We learn from our differences, adapt and become resilient individuals. Equality and Equity guides us always.

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One Planet School Dodoma